Pletheon is an international next-gen crowdfunding platform and the first in the history of matrix marketing based on Ethereum smart contracts.

It is a self-executing software algorithm that performs the function of distributing partnership rewards between members of a community while adhering to specific conditions (matrix marketing plan). The code for the contract is in the public domain. Transaction information can always be viewed at the link .
The Pletheon platform consists of self-executing trades, which do not permit anyone to interfere with the course of the transactions.
The Pletheon concept belongs to a group of crypto enthusiasts, who are members of the community and don’t have any special privileges.

Today, Pletheon is an peer-to-peer community of platform members, to whom the platform itself belongs.
Ethereum (ETH) is one of the leading cryptocurrency, which has existed since 2015. At the same time, it is a software framework for the DeFi (decentralized finance) market, since the blockchain of this crypto currency allows you not only to follow the history of transactions, but also to save any executable software products (smart contracts). A huge number of major crypto companies use this platform.
A smart contract is an algorithm within a cryptocurrency’s blockchain. In our case, Ethereum is our first choice among those on which it is possible to create smart contracts. The main purpose of such contracts is the automation of the relationship, the opportunity to make a commitment self-executing.
The process works based on distributing authority from a centralized administration to the participants involved in the process. Unlike a centralized system, all decisions are made by consensus.
You already have almost everything you need. All that remains is to install on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC) a crypto wallet and Telegram tlgrm.ru.
Pletheon works with all crypto wallets. We recommend the following:

- for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) the Coinbase Wallet app wallet.coinbase.com

for computers and laptops the Metamask browser extension metamask.io
Subscribe to the verified Pletheon channels on Telegram. Send any questions to our members, who will be happy to share their experience.

Join the chat on Telegram t.me/smartpeoplechat. We also recommend studying the materials on the website in the “Academy” section.
For PC you need to go to the website metamask.io and install the extension for your browser.

For mobile devices you need to install the Coinbase Wallet app wallet.coinbase.com

When registering don't forget to securely and safely store the password for your wallet.
There are lots of ways to buy/sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat money (regular currencies). They have all been designed for regular users and have user-friendly interfaces. Your first transaction exchanging fiat money for digital currency will take you no more than five minutes. We recommend using the verified currency exchange aggregator bestchange.ru
To register with Pletheon you needs to send 0.05 ETH to the smart contract in order to activate the X3 and X4 platforms. The transaction itself constitutes your registration on the platform.

Please note: when topping up a crypto wallet, you need to account for the network’s commission, which is usually about 0.02 ETH.
Yes. Registering without an invitation link will put you in team ID 1.
No one can close your account, even if they have a strong desire to do so. The account will always be saved in one of the Ethereum network blocks. You will continue to receive income from all levels, except the last active one
In order to effectively interact with the Pletheon platform, you need to:

1. Have a chat with whoever invited you or with other experienced members. They will help you take your first steps.

2. Go to the “Academy” section which has courses on how to work on the platform effectively.